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2005-2010 Mustang GT Camshaft Package

2005-2010 Mustang GT Camshaft Package

$ 2,900.00

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Gains of Up to 60+ Rear Wheel Horsepower and 50+ Rear Wheel Torque Over Stock!
Wake up your 3-Valve Mustang GT with a Sweitzer Performance Camshaft Package. Choose how mild or wild you want your Cams to be with options to use Comp Thump, NSR, VSR, or SPR Series Camshafts. 
  • Professional Installation at our State of the Art Performance Facility
  • Choice of Comp Camshaft (Contact Us for recommendation)
  • Comp Cams Phaser Limiters
  • Complete Cloyes Performance Timing Set (Chains, Tensioners, Guides, Etc)
  • Optional Ford Performance Rocker/Lash Adjuster Set
  • Redline Synthetic 5W20 Oil Change with K&N Racing Oil Filter
  • All Required Gaskets and Hardware
  • Optional Custom Dyno Tuning (Not required for Level 1 Camshafts)

Level 1 Camshafts

  • Thumpr: Good Idle with excellent Power, Good Midrange torque and power gains above 4500 RPM
  • Mutha Thumpr: Very Rough Idle, Biggest Cam for Stock Valve Springs. Great Power above 4900 RPM.
  • XFI NSR Stage 1: Great upgrade for stock engine. Solid Power gains above 4700 rpm. 
  • XFI NSR Stage 2: Fair Idle, Solid Power Gains above 4900 rpm. 
  • XFI NSR Blower Stage 1: Excellent Midrange Cam for bolt-on blowers with stock boost levels. Great Power Gains above 4700 RPM
  • XFI NSR Blower Stage 2: Mid to Upper range cam for bolt on blowers running higher boost levels. Major power gains above 4900 RPM

Level 2 Camshafts: (Valve Springs Required)

  • XFI VSR Stage 1: Excellent performance upgrade over stock. Solid power gains above 4400 RPM. 
  • XFI VSR Stage 2: Serious Street Cam, Noticeable Idle. Solid power gains above 4600 RPM.
  • XFI VSR Blower Stage 1: Powerful midrange cam for bolt on blowers with stock boost levels. Solid power gains above 4400 RPM.
  • XFI VSR Blower Stage 2: Mid to Upper Range cam for bolt on blowers with high boost. Noticeable Idle, Solid Power gains above 4900 RPM.

Level 3 Camshafts: (Valve Springs Required)

  • XFI SPR Stage 1: Powerful Cam with Great Idle, excellent upgrade over stock. Good torque down low with powerful midrange. Solid Power gains above 4500 RPM.
  • XFI SPR Stage 2: Powerful Cam with very rough idle, biggest cam to use with stock heads. Good mid-range torque with incredible top end HP gains. Solid power above 4700 RPM. 
  • XFI SPR Stage 3: Max Effort Street/Strip Cam with very rough idle. Requires ported or upgraded cylinder heads. Good mid range with incredible power up to 7000+ RPM. Solid power gains above 4700 RPM. 

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