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Shop Racecar: 408W Hatchback

408 Windsor, Eagle Crank and H-Beam Rods, JE Pistons
Custom Grind Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
Edelbrock Victor Jr. Heads
Edelbrock Super Victor Manifold
Ron's Terminator Mechanical Alcohol Injection
Hughes C-4 Transmission and 8" Torque Converter

AJE Chromoly K member and adjustable A-Arms
AJE Front Coilovers
Flaming River Manual Rack
Strange 10 Way Shocks and Struts
Baseline Pro Launch Relocated UCAs, single adjustable LCAs, and ARB
Team-Z Progressive Rate Stock Location Rear Springs
Aerospace Pro Street Brakes

Interior full of Scott Rod Components, Wiring done in house.

Current PB is 6.35 1/8th mile with a 1.279 60'

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