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Tech: Race Car Wiring!

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Lately we've received many questions, comments and banter about the wiring we do in house here at Sweitzer Performance. We'd like to give you some tips to keep your race car running the way it should! There's nothing worse then electrical gremlins plaguing you at the race track, and even worse is when those gremlins are impossible to find! 

Bad Race Car Wiring

This is NOT how to do it!

The truth is that a motorsports grade wiring job is a small investment compared to your high powered race motor, trans, chassis work, etc. Wiring your race car with quick splices and electrical tape is the equivalent to bolting a factory 2 barrel carb to the top of your 557 CI Big Block Ford, you just shouldn't do it! 

Here are a few basic rules to keep in mind while you set to the arduous task of wiring your baby:

1: Create a diagram BEFORE you start the job

     Always plan your wiring job before you make a single connection. account for every relay, splice, connection, and accessory. this will save you major time and money later!

Clean Race Car Wiring

2: Use Non-Insulated connectors and heat shrink, NOT plastic insulated pieces

     Yeah, you know those part's store connectors? The plastic insulation on them prevent you from getting a proper crimp on the wire. Use non-insulated connectors and protect them with heat shrink. 

3: Do NOT solder every single connection! 

     A huge misconception is that soldering every connection is better then crimping them. While a solder is a better connection, these should only be used in areas not subject to vibration. Since solder has no flex, vibrations from a race car can actually break these connections, where a crimped butt connector will take the vibration. 

4. DO use different colored wire, and run every wire in a harness at once

     Don't be the guy that has every wire in the car red and black. it is impossible to track problems efficiently this way. running all the wires in a harness from one point (Like on the wiring board seen above) allows you to wrap them in a way that makes them easily trace-able. 

Motorsports Wiring Board

5. DO protect your circuits properly

    This means to always use the proper size wire for the amperage the wire will be carrying, and use relays and fuses to protect your accessories. Wiring components this way takes time, and it can be frustrating, but it will pay dividends when you're at the race track; It's the difference between finding a problem in 30 seconds, and pulling it back into the shop to spend a day trying to figure it out! 

Wiring a drag Car

If you want your race car wired properly, give us a shout and give your beautiful ride the attention it deserves! Call us at (951) 331-3223, email at, or come see us at 41665 Eastman Drive, Suite 30, Murrieta, CA 92595. See more of our work at


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