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Sweitzer Performance Shows E85 Gains On Paxton-Blown Coyote

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We often get asked about the merits of E-85 in a street application. chronicled a perfect apples to apples comparison of what you can expect in a boosted application here in our shop.  Check out the Full Article for more info HERE

Supercharged Coyote Engine

  • 2013 Mustang GT
  • Paxton Novi 2200 Supercharged
  • MMR1000 Longblock
  • ID1000 Injectors
  • JPC Twin Pump Fuel System
  • Off Road X-Pipe/Axleback Exhaust
  • Boss 302 Intake Manifold

The Switch to E-85 netted gains of 91 RWHP and 46 LbFt of Torque! Next Up for this car, smaller pulley for more boost and a ton of Camaro broken hearts!

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