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Interview With The Owner Of Sweitzer Performance

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Our owner, Lee Sweitzer was recently given the opportunity to speak about our business on the Do It For A Living Podcast. It was a great opportunity and hopefully you can gain some insight into how our business runs and what kind of people we are. Enjoy listening, click on the photo below to listen on the webpage, or CLICK HERE to download it from iTunes!



Lee Sweitzer has been around Mustangs all his life and even had a 1984 5.0 Mustang for his first car. At 17, he graduated high school and joined the service to become a Marine. He was stationed in Southern California and continued to race Mustangs. He has spent several years planning and preparing to open up his own performance shop to follow his passion. Lee has seen shop owners work themselves to the bone and is trying very hard to avoid falling into those pitfalls. He understands that it takes a bunch of hard work, but he wants to avoid making mistakes by researching ways to operate more efficiently.


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